Saturday, December 18, 2010

Choose An Outdoor Venue for a December Wedding or Not

I say why not!!! I know that sounds like a crazy idea since we are in Central Texas which means it could be 70 degrees one day and 40 degrees the next. But just because it is cold though doesn't mean you have to forgo the beauty of an outdoor venue. One advantage is the cost of the venue rental fee will definitely be cheaper allowing you more flexibility with your budget. You may have to rent heaters to help give warm pockets but just think about how wonderfully romantic a winter wedding can be. You could provide your guest an assortment of quilts to cover up if they get too cold. It's the perfect opportunity to serve some hot apple cider and hot chocolate, spiked or not. It can be a fabulously cozy affair.

Okay so now you are probably wondering...But won't everything be brown and lifeless in December? NOT AT ALL!!! When I was at The Inn yesterday watering, I decided to take some pictures to show just what outdoors in C. Texas looks like one week before Christmas after a few freezes. It is still wonderfully beautiful.

And in case you are also wondering, there is no sprinkler system & no maintenance crew. We have had no real measurable rain since September. What you see is due to the right plants in the right place, micro climates & one woman's love for her venue and what it can provide others. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Things to Look at When Venue Shopping

Something I hear all the time when giving tours is how hard it is to do an apples to apples comparison when shopping for a venue. Each venue is really so very unique and while that is a good thing when it comes to pricing it causes a little more hassle for the shopper. I have also heard horror stories of clients booking a venue for their low facility rental price only to be "nickeled & dimed" to death for all the little things that were not included in the base price. This is why, when shopping for venues it is very important to have a list of everything that is included for the price you are being quoted. So I have done a little research in showing the value of what is included when you rent The Inn at Wild Rose Hall for your special day.

For a guest count of 150 people, here is what The Inn provides for your use:

• 150 white wooden chairs
• 15-60” round tables
• 15 economy floor length linens (45 color options thanks to
Premier Party Central)
• 2- 6’ tables for head table
• 2 black head table linens
• 2- 6’ tables for buffet
• 2 black buffet table linens
• 30”x60” cake table
• 5’ antique bar
• 1-6’ table for use at bar area
• 1 black table linen for bar area table
• Approx. 1940 sq. ft. outdoor covered space
• Wrought iron Gazebo for the alter

Plus we:
• set up chairs at the ceremony site
• set up tables for the reception
• place our linens on the tables

Now I am sure you are asking, how much will this cost me on top of the venue rental fee? Well, the answer is simple. If you book your wedding at The Inn at Wild Rose Hall then it cost you


If you book at some of the other local venues and you have to rent all the above mentioned items, then you could have to pay an extra $3000 + on top of the venue rental fee. Here is how that breaks down:

To rent & set up 150 chairs, 20 tables, 20 tablecloths and a unique bar: up to $1200+ delivery

Rental of an Iron Gazebo: $350+ delivery

And if it rains and you have to rent a tent to cover @ 1940 sq ft: $1400+ delivery & set up fees

So booking with The Inn at Wild Rose Hall could save you thousands of dollars that you might not have realized if you are only looking at base venue rental prices. While price shouldn't really be the only thing that determines where you choose to exchange your vows, in this economic climate it does have to play a large part.